Video Production Rubric

The film must be educational to receive an "A"
(the instructor is the judge of the educational value)

4 Distinguished

3 Accomplished

2 Developing

1 Beginning

Knowledge gained by viewers
The story taught everyone something. Viewers were entertained and informed.
Mostly educational with a few instances that didn't apply or fit with the theme.
Had portions that were good, Mostly random shots with little educational value
Goofed around with the camera. radom shots that do not focus around a theme.
Camera Techniques
Outstanding camera work. Varying use of shots and angles that impact look of project.
Video is focused and steady. A variety of camera techniques implemented throughout project.
Camera is occasionally out of focus or shaky. Techniques distract from the project.
Camera out of focus or shaky. Little attention paid to camera's relation to subject.
Audio is flawless; excellent balance of sound, music and ambient noise. Every precaution was taken to collect ideal sound.
Important sounds and dialogue are captured. Continuity in audio playback and integration of ambient noise/music.
Audio occasionally inaudible and/or lacks continuity. An attempt is made to ensure that quality dialogue is captured.
Little attention was paid to ensuring quality sound during the shoot. Audio inaudiable or inappropiate.
Project flows exceptionally well. Transitions are creative and editing is of the highest quality.
Edits are unnoticeable. Transitions are not overused and reflect signs of creativity in their usage.
Edits inconsistent and/or distracting at times. Use of transitions is abrupt.
Few to no transitions. No Edits. Unnatural breaks in audio/video that distract.
All resources used are listed in the credits
Most of the resources are listed
Resources difficult to find or do not exist
No resources listed
The group had a superior group performance
Group work well together with equal participation
Unequal work-participants didn’t work as a team.
Group members did little or no work on the project